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Folliculitis is a common inflammatory condition characterized by red bumps, pimples or pustules that can occur almost anywhere on the skin. Causes for folliculitis include excessive moisture, clogged pores, physical irritation (such as shaving or insect bites) and overgrowth of bacteria which can cause inflammation and irritation of the follicles. Although Staph aureus is the most common type of bacteria associated with this condition, other types of bacteria and fungi can also contribute to folliculitis.

Treatment is aimed at decreasing clogged pores, reducing inflammation and treating any associated bacteria. Treatment options include antiseptic or exfoliating washes, topical antibiotics, and oral antibiotics which help reduce inflammation and decrease the bacteria load on the skin. Sometimes a biopsy or culture may be needed to help confirm a diagnosis and identify a potential cause. Depending on your skin type and symptoms, our dermatologist can help determine the best treatment course for you.

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