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Aging Skin

The effects of aging are something that everyone has to deal with eventually. Fortunately, there are many options available to help minimize and improve the appearance of skin that is showing the tell-tale signs of wrinkles, lines, and sagging.

The average adult has about 20 square feet of skin which compromise the epidermis and dermis. This weighs approximately 6 lbs. and the epidermis is replaced every 27 days, however, from the third decade on we gradually decrease our ability to replace the epidermis and developing an aged appearing skin that is lifeless and shallow as we get older.

Which treatments do I need?

To determine the appropriate treatment for aging skin, one of our physicians will first discuss your desired level of correction for wrinkled skin and then recommend the appropriate procedure that will give you the proper result.  They will thoroughly evaluate your skin and recommend several laser treatments for wrinkled skin such as, Mini Resurfacing or a full-thickness, multiple passes resurfacing with CO2 fractional (carbon dioxide) resurfacing laser. Some places advertise CO2 laser resurfacing for extremely low pricing. This is fine for those who require single pass Mini-Resurfacing. However, this is generally reserved for those patients in their 30’s that have generally taken care of their skin and have freckles and light sun damage. However, those patients in their 40’s – 50’s who have lax, sun-damaged skin with wrinkles (rhytides) almost always require multiple-pass high-powered resurfacing to shrink or tighten lax or loose skin and remove deep wrinkles and scars, including acne scarring. To do a Mini Resurfacing on this particular group of patients is doing them a disservice and they will not get the results they should and in the long run will be an unhappy group of patients. So the consumer should be aware that not all resurfacing is equal. A cheaper price is generally associated with a mini resurfacing procedure that generally does not include, eyelids, and neck and is a lighter single-pass procedure.  This procedure should only be done by a physician.


Other Treatment Options

  • Tretinoin (Retin A, Refissa, Differin, etc.)

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Wrinkle Injections

  • Light Chemical Peels

  • Photo Rejuvenation

  • Fractional Lasers

Wrinkle Prevention Treatments

Luckily, just when Baby Boomers need it the most — as they approach their 50’s and 60’s — aesthetic dermatology techniques have exploded together with amazing improvements in anti-aging technologies.

Botox is amongst the most established wrinkle combatants for anti-aging. It works by loosening the underlying muscles so that they don’t contract. Botox prevents nerves from calling the muscles attached to expression lines, so the skin on top stays unwrinkled and the unaffected muscles of the face behave normally, causing a natural expression — wrinkle-free!

Maintaining Results

For optimum results, it is crucial that you follow your skincare rejuvenation treatments up by using a home skincare program that is appropriate. Your skincare plan should be composed of both the top prescription and nonprescription products to best assist you to accomplish your goal. Our staff is trained to assist you in assessing your tolerance to ingredients, your target degree of advancement, and the right skincare products based on your skin type and lifestyle.

What is recovery like?

During post-treatment consultation either Michael Caglia, M.D. or Anthony Caglia, M.D will provide aftercare instructions, which can vary from patient to patient. However, generally, some type of cream is given to be applied to the treated area.

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