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Hand Rejuvenation Treatments

One of the most common places that many people begin to see showing the effects of aging are the hands, since they get frequent exposure. Sun, weather and aging are all factors contributing to the appearance of pigmentation spots, uneven veins, wrinkles, benign growths and so on.

Patients from North Dallas can instantly get a younger look for their hands when they try any of Dr. Caglia’s rejuvenation procedures. He works with the latest in the technology of lasers and IPL and a variety of injectable dermal fillers, as well as topical prescription treatments.

Which treatment is for me?

At your initial consultation with Dr. Caglia, the two of you will discuss in depth your lifestyle, habits, goals and expectations. He will assess your condition and suggest the most suitable treatment plan.

Before and after pictures of patients with hands in a similar condition will be shown to you and the procedure will be outlined in detail. Our vast range of procedures allows us to provide tailored hand treatments to meet our patients’ expectations.


The Procedures

Different procedures require different recovery time with laser skin resurfacing being the fastest and gentlest.

Others may require local anesthesia and will be discussed with your doctor. We generally recommend the use of:

Prescription skin care creams such as Retin-A and other topical creams, which are known to significantly reverse the aging process. They can also repair uneven pigmentation sun-damaged skin and encourage the production of collagen.


Chemical peels provide a quick and efficient way to remove the top layer of the skin with all imperfections. The skin underneath will become smooth and blemish-free, with less lines and wrinkles, but you will be required to stay indoors for various days until it heals.

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that improves the appearance of skin and reduces brown spots. It offers quick and visible results, but requires regular follow-up treatments.

Fractional skin resurfacing targets spots and fine lines through the application of microbeams of light to enhance the formation of new collagen and contraction of the existing collagen.

Sclerotherapy is a procedure, where a sclerosing solution is injected through a tiny needle. This is associated with minor discomfort. It is used to reduce the appearance of veins.

IPL treatments utilize focused pulses of light rays to help remove dark spots, spider veins, and fine lines with minimal discomfort and pain.

Various laser treatments permit your doctor to control the procedure and remove even the finest and smallest lines and wrinkles, veins, and pigmentation spots for better-looking hands. We specialize in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, which cause minimal discomfort and pain; have a short healing period and produce excellent results in a fast manner.

Soft tissue augmentation with injectable dermal fillers can be an option for a more youthful appearance. The signs of aging hands is the loss of volume in the hands. This revels the bones, ligaments and veins in your hands making them looked very aged. So it would make sense filling them with an injectable dermal filler such as Radiesse will increase the lost volume and fade away the bony and veiny hands you had. Radiesse or Voluma dermal filler is inserted under the skin of the treated area and produces immediate visible results. The length of the effect depends on the size and location of the treated area as well as the nature and quality of the filler used, but generally can last up to 6 months.

Call us today to receive a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Caglia.

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