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IPL Photofacial Rejuvenation

Do you think that the reflection you see in the mirror each morning matches the way you feel? Many patients wish that there was a safe, easy and quick way to get rid of their red complexion, fine wrinkles, sun spots, irregular pigmentation and large pores. Fortunately, our advanced technologies enable us to treat these skin imperfections safely, easily and effectively.


Dr. Caglia performs IPL Photofacial Rejuvenation for patients to combat the effects of aging and damaged skin in a softer, gentler way. The redness and flushing of rosacea can be reduced 80 – 90 percent. It can be used to treat the full face, neck, chest and even the hands.

Using the advanced IPL system, your doctor gently delivers precise amounts of intense pulsed light energy through your skin’s surface. Treatments are spaced at 3-week intervals. The IPL’s energy is delivered at specific settings for each treatment to maximize your results.

The IPL light energy stimulates the production of collagen. As the new collagen forms it improves skin texture and softens the appearance of aging skin and fades brown or sunspots. Fine lines and wrinkles are decreased with a series of treatments. The redness associated with Rosacea can be dramatically reduced.


How do IPL PhotoFacial Rejuvenation treatments work?

Today’s new light technology delivers precise dosages of energy to the skin. During your treatment, intense light energy is gently delivered through a special handpiece to the targeted area. Levels of energy specific to your treatment are used to maximize your improvement. Once delivered, the light energy is absorbed by the targeted damaged tissue. The IPL wavelengths run a certain spectrum which is attracted by the target tissue being treated.

If your treatment targets brown spots, freckles or sun-damaged skin the light energy is absorbed by the brown color in the skin and damages it and within a few days they begin to exfoliate and come off from the skin. On the other hand, if you target lesion is a blood vessel, like a spider vein or red flushing skin from Rosacea these vessels will coagulate and close, reducing their appearance.

How many treatments will I need?

Depending on the area treated, there will be a series of 4-6 treatments. Your face will be cleaned and a topical anesthetic will be applied for 30 minutes to make your treatment much more comfortable. Treatments usually take from 30 minutes to perform and are administered in the doctor’s office.

Does IPL PhotoFacial Rejuvenation hurt?

Most patients describe the sensation to be like the snap of a rubber band on the skin as the pulses of energy are delivered through the handpiece. Some patients opt to have topical anesthesia. After treatment, your face can have some pinkness and feel like a slight sunburn for a few hours. This is easily relieved with cool gel packs if needed.

Who are the best candidates for IPL PhotoFacial Rejuvenation?

The best candidates for IPL PhotoFacial have lighter skin colors (skin types I-IV)

  • Red, flushed faces

  • Sun-damaged skin

  • Photoaging

  • Sun Spots

  • Brown Spots

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Enlarged pores

Are IPL PhotoFacial treatments safe?

Yes. Advanced light systems have been used safely for millions of treatments worldwide. These systems treat only the targeted tissues, leaving the surrounding tissue intact. However, some bruising or redness may occur especially when treating vascular lesions (blood vessels).

What results can I expect?

After only one treatment, your skin will have a more even tone with a smoother look and feel. Sunspots will fade. Pore sizes will shrink. Fine lines and wrinkles will gradually decrease in size. These improvements will steadily increase with each treatment. Patients with rosacea will see a progressive decrease in redness with every treatment.

What will recovery be like?

After your IPL PhotoFacial, post-treatment discomfort is almost nonexistent. After treatment with most light systems, the treated skin may appear a little flushed and capillaries may seem to be more visible. The flushed look soon fades away and the capillaries appear to vanish, leaving the skin looking younger with the reduction of spider veins. It’s that simple!

Following any treatment, you should follow your doctor’s instructions, avoid any harsh skin cleansers, use sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight.

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